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In Kaunas, Lithuania we have 1100m2  composites  production facilities. In the 2013 we opened new modern facilities
for the model pattern  shop of 500m2   with 2 CNC milling machines, 2 robots for milling and trimming applications.
In the field of engineering we have 2 CAD/CAM professionals and the 
most modern software at your disposal.

Ronika Tooling and Prototyping is an innovative pattern shop in the area of the automotiveindustry, foundriescomposite- and plastic industry, designprototyping and construction.
Our profile extends from product development up to and including delivery of the 1- and series production.
Our specialities are making MDF, (ply)wooden-, plastic-,composite-, or aluminium models and moulds.
We take care of the management of the models and we deliver proto- as well as series  products.
We also make aluminium dies for vacuum forming and RTM injection moulds.

For the construction world we made several poured concrete moulds from plywood and composites.
Ronika Tooling and Prototyping stands for innovation, know-how and quality, flexibility, short and dependable delivery times,
in other words for 
from product design up to and including delivery of the small series or mass production.

Milling Machines:

Type Axes Dimensions mm
Kimla BPF 4-axis 4100x2100x650
Alve 3-axis 5000x2000x400
Motoman UP50 6-axis 2000
Staubli RX260 7-axis 3100 x 8500 rail


Cad software:



Rapidform XOR


Cam software:

  • Solid cam
  • Sprut cam

Laser scanner:

Baces 3D + Kreon Solano                    3200 mm